take up

多くのPhrasal Verbsには、1つ以上の意味があります。
意味が違うと また違ったルールがある時もでてきます。
take up を例にしたいと思います。(3 meanings)

(1)  take up (space) or (time) 時間、場所を~とる
a.  take up (名詞)
  The pink flower is so big that it takes up most of the photo.

 Doing the gardening took up my whole weekend.

(2)  take up (a hobby)~を趣味として始める
a.  take up (名詞)
b.  take (名詞)up
c.  take (代名詞)up
Jack is in a sports shop looking at fishing rods.
a.  Jack would like to take up fishing.
b.  Jack would like to take fishing up.
c.  Jack heard fishing was relaxing, so he decided to take it up.

(3)  take up (clothing) (服)を短くする
a.  take up (名詞)
b.  take (名詞)up
c.  take (代名詞)up
Ken has a new shirt but it is too long for him.
a.  Ken’s mum took up his new shirt.
b.  Ken’s mum took his new shirt up.
c.  Ken’s new shirt fits after his mum took it up.

練習問題  (A)
右のアルファベットと左の数字を合わせて 文を作ってください。

1.  When did you take up                                       (a)  my skirt up for me.
2.  Cleaning                                                              (b)  half the living room.
3.  My mother is going to take                             (c)  takes up 2 hours of my day.
4.  This sofa is too big because it takes up        (d)  the piano?

練習問題 (B)
take upを使って下さい。)

A shop clerk:  How are those jeans?
You:  Could you ……………………………………………………………..

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