Mansions, Homes and Rooms


1.  私はマンションに住んでいます。(これは Japlish .. Japanese English)
Instead of saying マンション you should say ‘a condominium’ (a condo).
アパートは an apartment. (rental)

 This is a mansion.
A mansion is a very large house that has many bedrooms.

2.  私はマイホームを買いたい。 (この単語を間違います。)
You can’t say ‘my home’ until you have bought the house.
  a)  I want to buy a house. This old house is for sale.

  b)  I bought it. Now it is my house.

3.  Many students say “I cleaned my room.”   (この単語をよく間違います。)
They often mean to say  →  I cleaned my house / apartment / condo / living room.
  I am sleeping in my room. (my room means my bedroom)

練習問題  (A)   あなたがどんな家に住んでいるか説明してみましょう。
Note:  We often say how many bedrooms our house / apartment / condominium has.
(my example)   → I live in a 3 bedroom house.
(You)  → 
I live in a ……………………………………….

練習問題 (B) 右のアルファベットと左の数字を合わせて 文を作ってください。

1.  When I am naughty, my mother sends me to                (a)  an apartment
2.  Buying a house is expensive, so many people rent       (b)  a mansion
3.  In Hollywood, many movie stars live in                          (c)  our house
4.  My husband is a carpenter and built                               (d)  my room

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