put on vs wear

put on & wear are 2 different actions
Look at the differences in the 2 pictures below

1. put on
♥  pronunciation point 1  →  put on  (members only)
a.  put on (名詞)
b.  put (名詞)on
c.  put (代名詞)on  

  Jan’s new jeans are so tight.
a.  Jan is putting on the tight jeans.
b.  Jan is putting the tight jeans on.
c.  Jan has some new jeans and she is putting them on.

2.  wear
  Jan thinks she looks like a model.
Jan is now wearing the new jeans.

練習問題 (A) 次の3つの文は、正しいか まちがっているかわかりますか?
1.  It’s difficult for me to wear a kimono by myself.
2.  Make sure you wear a coat before you go outside because it’s very cold.
3.  I always put on my tie after I get to work.
♥  pronunciation point 2  →  get to  (members only)

練習問題 (B) 空欄には put on か wearのどちらがはいるでしょうか?
1.  The shoes you …………………… to the party really looked good with your dress.
2.  I don’t like it when women ……………………….. make up in the train.
3.  I didn’t try on the shoes before buying them and they hurt when I ………………….. them.

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