cut down

あるphrasal verbは、後ろに目的語があるとき phrasal verbにもう一つの前置詞がつく場合があります。

Grammar point: 
How to know when a phrasal verb needs an extra preposition.  (members only) 

cut down 動詞と前置詞が分けられません。
a.  cut down
b.  cut down (on) (something)
♥  pronunciation point 1  →  cut down on  (members only)

  Jack used to have 3 spoons of sugar in his tea. Now he only has one
1)  Jack’s doctor said he put too much sugar in his tea and told him to cut down.
2)  Jack took his doctor’s advice and decided to cut down on sugar.

練習問題 (A) 空欄には cut down か cut down onのどちらがはいるでしょうか?
1.  The construction company needs to …………………………….. costs.
2.  Joe drinks too much and has tried to …………………………………. but he can’t.

練習問題  (B) 右のアルファベットと左の数字を合わせて 文を作ってください。
1.  I wish Mike would cut down                                 (a)  buying lunch so I can save money
2.  I’m trying to cut down on                                         (b)  if you want to lose weight.
3.  Donuts are fattening and you should cut down   (c)  on cigarettes for his health.
♥  pronunciation point 2  →  Mike would  (members only)

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