boring vs bored


“I am boring”   

bored = 退屈
boring = つまらない

  Sam is watching a movie that is not interesting.
The movie is boring.
Sam is bored. (not ‘Sam is boring’)

Note A:
If you say “Sam is boring“, this means “Sam is a boring person”(サムはつまらない人)
The sentence is still grammatically correct but the meaning is different!
boringbored の違いに気づきましたか?ぜんぜん違いますね?

The 2 lists below will help you with other common mistakes.

1. People are                               2. Things are

excited                                       exciting
bored                                          boring
frightened                                frightening
interested                                 interesting
embarrassed                           embarrassing

Note B:
上の ‘list 2’
では、物に対して使いますが 人の場合もあります。

練習問題(A) 緑の言葉と赤の言葉どちらが正しいでしょうか? 
1.  I think golf is bored / boring.
2.  I’m very excited / exciting because I’m going to Disneyland

練習問題  (B) 右のアルファベットと左の数字を合わせて 文を作ってください。
1. People think my sister is                                             (a) she felt embarrassed.
2. When Mary’s dress got caught in the train door   (b) was frightened by a snake there.
3. Sally went to the zoo and                                            (c) bored with her duties.
4. Jane hates her job because she is                             (d) boring because she has no hobbies.

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