I want to stop smoking

♥ pronunciation point 1  →  want to  (members only)

stop to do (something)  vs  ‘stop doing (something)

1.  stop doing (A)  =  I was doing (A) and then I stopped doing (A).
2.  stop to do (B)   =  I was doing (A), then I stopped doing (A) and did (B)
Note from the situations below, you only need to say
the 2nd action in each sentence.

Look at this situation …. Mark was driving his car.

  1.  Mark stopped driving.
(Mark was driving and then he stopped driving)

Look at this situation … Mark is calling his wife and his car has stopped

  2.  Mark stopped to call his wife.
(Mark stopped driving to call his wife)
(Mark stopped driving so he could call his wife)

練習問題  (A) 右のアルファベットと左の数字を合わせて 文を作ってください。
1.  My wife decided to                                   (a)  stopped working when he was 65 years old.
2.  I was tired of studying so I                     (b)  stop smoking when she was pregnant
3.  My father                                                    (c)  we stopped to have a rest
4.  We had been walking for 3 hours so    (d)  stopped to watch TV.

練習問題 (B) 次の3つの文は、正しいか まちがっているかわかりますか?
1.  You have had too much beer so I think you should stop to drink.
2.  I met a friend on the street I hadn’t seen for a while and we stopped to talk.
3.  I have stopped writing letters and only send emails now.

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