I always bring my lunch to work

(a) take  vs  bring …………… (b) come  vs  go

Rule  →  It all depends on where you and the other person are when you are speaking.

Grammar Note:  あなたがいる場所について話す時は bring や come を使います。
Situation 1 .. You are at work and it is lunchtime.
A co-worker:  Do you buy lunch everyday?
You:  No I don’t. I always bring my lunch to work.

Situation 2 .. It is 9.15am and you have just arrived at work.
You: What time did you come to work today?
A co-worker: I came to work at 9am.

Grammar Note: 他の場所について話す時は take go を使います。
Situation 3 .. You are at work and it’s time to finish.

A co-worker:  It’s almost time to finish work but you haven’t finished the report yet.
You: I know. I think I will have to take it home.

Situation 4 .. You are now leaving work.
You:  Are you going to go to a bar for a drink tonight after work?
A co-worker: No I’m too tired, so I think I’ll just go home.

空欄には bringtakeのどちらがはいるでしょうか?
1.  Please ……………………… me that report on the desk over there.
2. Please …………………… that report to the desk over there.

空欄には comegoのどちらがはいるでしょうか?
3.  I’d like to thank everyone for ……………………….. to this meeting today.

メンバーサイトでは、弱点について 音声もつけて もっと詳しく理解できるように説明をしています。発音のポイント、 問題の解答もあります。

Today’s lesson is about when you & the other person are at the same place.
When you are both in different places, it can be different.
Note: To learn this difference, you need access to the member area.

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