That house is so cheap

cheap  vs  low                            expensive  vs  high

私はよくこの間違えている英語を聞きます。。”My salary is so cheap.”
なにを間違えているのか 学びましょう
1.  expensive and cheap are used for things that you can buy. (you can’t buy a salary)
2.  high and low are used for things you can’t buy.

正しい言い方は・・・ “My salary is low.”

  This old house is for sale.
The house is cheap because it is in bad condition. (you can buy a house)
The price of the house is low because it is in bad condition. (you can’t buy a price)

練習問題 (A)  青字の数字と赤字のアルファベットをつなげて 正しい文をつくりましょう。
1.   My new car was                                    (a)   much lower than I had expected.
2.  The doctor’s fees were                        (b)   high because it is a rare imported model.
3.  The cost to repair my car is                (c)   expensive so I wasn’t able to get one.
4.  Tickets to the concert were too        (d)  cheap because I knew the car dealer.

練習問題 (B)  カッコ内の(と(を一つずつ選んで、正しい文にして下さい。
Note:  これは 今日の練習と so  vs  such や  so  vs  tooの復習になります。
1.   A doctor’s salary is (so / too) (high / expensive) because he has to work hard.
2.  This was (so / such a) ( cheap / low) Louis Vuitton bag because it is a fake.
3.  A new house is (so / too) (high / expensive) for me because my salary is (low / cheap).

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