I wish it would stop raining

wish  vs  hope

“I wish you have a happy new year”

wish と hope は、使い方が違います。
Look at the examples below.

  John is sad because it has been raining all day.
1a.  John wishes it would stop raining because there is a festival tonight.
(the chance of the rain stopping is unlikely)

1b.  John hopes it will stop raining because there is a festival tonight.
(there is a chance the rain will stop)

2a.  I wish I could go the party tonight but I have to work.
(I know I can’t go to the party but I want to go)

2b.  I hope I can go to the party tonight but I have to check with my wife first.
(I want to go to the party and there is a possibility that I can go.)

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練習問題  カッコ内の緑と赤文字はどちらが正しいでしょうか?
Note:  8問の中に1問だけ緑、赤の両方正しいものがあります。でも意味が違います。
1.  I don’t have a car but I (hope I have / wish I had) one.
2.  I’m going to invite Sally to my party. I (hope she can / wish she could) come.
3.  I bought a tie for my husband but he hates it. I (hope he likes / wish he liked) it.
4.  I think I’ll buy this tie for my husband. I (hope he likes / wish he likes) it.
.  The results of the English exam have been released. I (hope / wish) I passed.
6.  I failed the English exam. I (hope / wish) I had passed.
7.  I (hope you will / wish you would) arrive on time.
8.  Everyone (hopes our team will / wishes our team will) win the game.

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