Which one do you mean?

  John has a headache. He is poor.

In this lesson we’ll look at the following examples:
1.  まで                       2.  恥ずかしい                  3.  poor

メンバーサイトでは、弱点について 音声もつけて もっと詳しく理解できるように説明をしています。発音のポイント、 問題の解答もあります。

Here are the differences:
  1. まで  →  by  &  until
Think of ‘by’ as meaning “before .. or .. no later than”
Think of ‘until’ as meaning “continue the same situation”

a) Haruo has to finish the report by 9 am tomorrow morning.
(Haruo has to finish the report before or no later than 9am tomorrow)

b) Haruo has to stay at work until he finishes the report.
(Haruo has to continue working on the report. When it is finished he can stop)

練習問題(A)空欄には、 until by のどちらがはいるでしょうか?
シチュレーションを読んで、正しい返事をしてみましょう。→  Lesson 38  (members)

2.  恥ずかしい   embarrassed ashamed
embarrassed‘  is used when whatever happened was an accident.
ashamed‘ is used when you did something on purpose or you choose to do it.

c) I was embarrassed when I went to pay for my shopping as I had left my purse at home
(in this situation, the 恥ずかしい action was an accident)

d) I am ashamed because I got drunk at the office party and kissed many girls there.
(in this situation, the 恥ずかしい action of getting drunk was your choice)

練習問題(B)空欄には embarrassed  ashamed のどちらがはいるでしょうか?
シチュレーションを読んで、正しい返事をしてみましょう。→  Lesson 38  (members)

poor  →  貧乏  &  可哀想
is used to describe someone who does not have much money.
可哀想  is used when you feel sorry for someone.

e) Shinji used to be poor but he won the lotto and is now rich.

f) Poor Shinji. He hurt his back in a car crash.   (we often say “I feel sorry for Shinji”)
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練習問題(C)文章内の ‘poor’の場所。
シチュレーションを読んで、正しい返事をしてみましょう。→  Lesson 38  (members)

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