I’m going home

‘I want to go to shopping’

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard this mistake, I would be a rich man:

Lesson 1:   go   と   go to の違い

  1. go to (a place)
a)  I went to Nagano. (an area)
b)  I’m going to France this summer. (a country)
c)  I have to go to the bank. (a building)

  2. go (verb)
a)  I went skiing last weekend
b) I usually go shopping on Sunday.
c)  I want to go hiking in Nagano.

Note: Although ‘home‘ is a place, we say ‘go home‘ (don’t use ‘to’)

Natural English Point:
gogo to  の代わりに off を使うことができることを知っていますか?
Here is how to use ‘off ‘  →  click  (members only)

Lesson 2: 多くの方が ‘the‘.を使うか使わないか悩んでいます。
Here are 6 examples of each.

  3.  use ‘the
a)  rivers
b)  buildings
c)  oceans /  seas
d)  museums
e)  most sporting team names (especially if they use an animal in the name)
f)  hotels

  4.  don’t use ‘the
a)  countries     (except ‘the USA’ & ‘the UK)
b)  cities
c)  company names
d)  lakes
e)  parks
f)  mountains

Note:  We say ‘the Eiffel Tower’ but we say ‘Tokyo Tower’ (no ‘the’).
Why is this so?  →  click  (members only)

練習問題 (A)
次の文は、正しいか まちがっているかわかりますか?
1.  I want to go to America.
2.  John has already gone home.
3.  I’m going to my friend’s home after school.
4.  The Mt Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.
5.  Let’s meet for lunch at the Landmark Tower.
6.  The Australia is in Pacific Ocean.
7.  How about going to fishing with me tomorrow?
8.  I had a great time at the Disneyland.
9.  When I went to New Zealand, I visited the Auckland museum.
10. My favourite baseball team is the Hanshin Tigers.
11. I want to play soccer for the Manchester United.
12. Have you ever been to Central Park in New York?
13. We stayed at the Hilton Hotel on the Lake Kawaguchi.

メンバーサイトでは、弱点について 音声もつけて もっと詳しく理解できるように説明をしています。発音のポイント、 問題の解答もあります。

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